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cBride Caribbean Ltd. is the Caribbean’s leading aerosol manufacturer based on the island of Barbados. Established in 1989, McBride has grown its reach to 24 markets and counting across the Caribbean, Central and South America. Our core business is the production of aerosol products for household use. We have a strong network comprising some of the region’s best distribution companies who help bring our well known products to store shelves in all territories where we are present.  McBride’s product range includes BOP Insecticide Spray, Super Suretox Insecticide Spray, Beep household products and GO Insect Repellent.  To learn more about our products, click here. With the support of parent company, Goddard Enterprises Ltd. McBride is poised for future growth into new markets.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be the leading manufacturer of world class consumer products.

Our Mission Statement

To be the most reliable supplier of high quality consumer products while developing mutually rewarding relationships with all stakeholders; ever mindful of our environmental responsibility.

Corporate Values

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Mutual Respect
  • Being Results Driven
  • Open Communication
  • Effective Relationships
  • Community Involvement
  • Community Improvement
  • Being Financially Sound and Responsible

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