Following the August 2015 passage of Tropical Storm Erika over Dominica, several areas of the island were left destroyed and communities devastated.  McBride Caribbean Ltd. offered to assist the people of Dominica and worked with our local distribution partner, Fine Foods Inc., to make a contribution to the ongoing recovery effort.

One such community that was devastated by the storm was Dubique.  Families of this community reportedly lost their homes and possessions and are in the process of being relocated.  To help the children and, by extension, the families of Dubique, McBride donated back-to-school supplies to the children of this community along with some GO Insect Repellent for the imminent reopening of schools across the island of Dominica.


McBride-Fine Foods-Dominica-Tropical-Storm-Erika-5

Ms. Juliet Martin, Marketing Manager of Fine Foods Inc. (right) presenting a new backpack with school supplies to a beaming child of Dubique in Dominica on behalf of McBride Caribbean Ltd., Barbados.



McBride-Fine Foods-Dominica-Tropical-Storm-Erika-4

A parent from the Dubique community in Dominica receiving GO Insect Repellent – Family Protection – to protect her entire family from disease-carrying biting insects like mosquitoes. GO Insect Repellent is manufactured in Barbados by McBride Caribbean Ltd. and distributed in Dominica by Fine Foods Inc.


McBride-Fine Foods-Dominica-Tropical-Storm-Erika-2

Ms. Juliet Martin, Marketing Manager of Fine Foods Inc. (left) presenting a backpack to a student (centre) of Dubique in Dominica alongside a representative also of Fine Foods Inc. (right).


The children of Dubique in Dominica were all very happy and their families very grateful to receive new school supplies and GO Insect Repellent thanks to McBride Caribbean Ltd. and Fine Foods Inc.

For more details on this, please visit Dominica News Online.


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