Visitors from Canada and the Caribbean are spending time in Canada and some Caribbean territories to learn from leaders in these countries as part of the Canada-Caribbean Emerging Leaders’ Dialogue (CCELD) 2015. A group visited McBride Caribbean Ltd. in Barbados to learn about the company’s operations and to ask questions of the management team.  The group comprised representatives from several countries including Canada, Jamaica, Bermuda, Guyana, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  This visit was arranged by McBride’s parent company, Goddard Enterprises Ltd., and coordinated by Quality Manager, Ms. Toni Manning (at the left of the above image).  The tour was attended by Mr. Julian Hunte, Group HR Manager, (centre in the back row of the above image) on behalf of GEL.



Engineering & Facilities Manager, Mr. Prince Forde (left), with two CCELD 2015 participants – Ms. Larissa Burgess from Bermuda (centre) and Ms. Chelauna Providence from Guyana (right).


It was a pleasure to host this CCELD group here at McBride.  For more information on this initiative, please visit the CCELD website.

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