t McBride, we follow strict production standards in accordance with the guidelines set out by the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA).


As a manufacturing facility subscribing to these high standards, we stand ready to serve you.  We can produce aerosol products that are non-cosmetic and non-food grade.  Kindly note that we do not have the capability to manufacture spray starch or spray paint.  Currently we manufacture insecticides, insect repellents and disinfectant sprays.  We may be able to produce these and other types of aerosol products for your company.

Why Choose Us?

Call us confident! We have been in the business of aerosol manufacture since 1989 so we are bonafide experts in the industry. With several successful products under our belt, we stand ready to produce yours on contract.

Call us  Perfectionists. We take pride in our excellent track record of little to no customer complaints every year. Our team works hard to keep it that way. Imagine how well your products will be made by a company boasting such an outstanding track record.

We have marketed our aerosol brands successfully over the past 25 years. Let us help you do the same in the very near future!

We can develop and ship aerosol products to almost any destination in the world with our efficient logistics system.

Interested in having an aerosol product manufactured on contract by McBride Caribbean Ltd?Contact us now!
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